Candy might be sweet, but it’s a traveling circus blowing through town. Pie is home. People always come home.


*thinking about girls* wow


les mis au where everything is the same except they only sing pop punk songs

so instead of ‘do you hear the people sing’ enjolras and the boys belt ‘sing’ by my chemical romance

eponine sings a heartfelt version of ‘the only exception’ by paramore instead of ‘on my own’ and ‘look down (reprise)’ becomes ‘the phoenix’ by fall out boy

instead of ‘drink with me’ grantaire leads ‘the end of all things’ by panic! at the disco


collage by afterifedating

I want to sleep with you. Not have sex, just sleep. With you. I want to breathe on your neck and lock our legs together. I want…actually wait no I do want sex.



the asl sign for “transgender" is basically the same as the sign for "beautiful" but signed at the chest instead of in front of the face.

so that’s cool.

this is my imperfect not-a-fluent-signer understanding but:

(based on a presentation by a deaf trans guy i was at in 2005 where he was promoting that sign)

it seems like that sign was invented and implemented by trans people over the last 10-ish years. before that the predominant vocabulary was “sex change” and then some deaf trans people were like “yo fuck that” and came up with the current sign, which starts off with the sign for “myself,” then motion that indicates both change and coming together, and ends with the closed hand held against the sternum.

and in the process it also mimics the sign for “beautiful”

and because of spatial grammar, things closer to the front of your body in ASL are generally more vital, more emphatic, more immediate, more present.

so it’s actually a case where the word coherently indicates “beauty” and “self transformation” and contains hints of the complete thought of “my self transforming, through a coming together of disparate factors, into something more real, immediate, and vital than I was before.”

so yeah. that’s just fuckin’ awesome.

and that’s just the way to express that concept now.

Lifehack: put pugs in your hair

Lifehack: put pugs in your hair